It’s Game On for positive sport behaviour

Decision-making in sport can often be the difference between winning and losing. Decision-making in life often revolves around making either honest or dishonest choices.

However, in recent years, the pressures of winning have led to dishonest decisions as witnessed with the high-profile Essendon drug case, and the Australian Cricket sandpaper controversy.

There have been other examples which have, together, undermined Australia’s sports reputation and centred the spotlight on the integrity of sport.

In the wake of these controversies, there has been a welcomed focus on the need for leadership and decision-making skills to be taught at a grassroots level. After all, our young players of today are our senior players, coaches, administrators – and business leaders - of tomorrow.

Game On, developed by the School for Living, is being rolled out to hundreds of schools where team-work, sportsmanship and taking responsibility for one’s own actions have been highlighted with positive effect.

Through the Game On program, children observe different behaviours, how to deal with conflict and learn how to take personal responsibility for their own actions. It also teaches how to be a positive role model and how to demonstrate leadership skills.

“Game On teaches positive behaviours through sport,” said Australian Sports Foundation CEO, Patrick Walker.

“It is a great program and one which our Giving 4Grassroots™ funding, following the PMSO dinner, is happy to support. The knock-on effect of positive leadership and correct decision-making has far-reaching significance - in and out of sport,” he added.

Steps have also been taken at a national sports level with the formation of Sport Integrity Australia (SIA) which aims to ensure Australians retained their trust in their favourite sports.

David Turner