Sporting Oration to highlight the power and social impact of sport

The inaugural Prime Ministers’ Sporting Oration ( will be delivered by Julia Gillard, Australia’s 27th Prime Minister, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on November 21.

The Oration, to be attended by 500 of Australia’s business leaders and key decision makers, will raise funds for the Australian Sports Foundation, and will instigate a high-level focus on the need to increase ongoing philanthropic and community investment in grassroots sport to drive societal change.

Patron of the Organising Committee is Dr Susan Alberti, AC, the 2018 Victorian of the Year.

Proceeds from the Oration will assist the Sports Foundation fund programs to increase participation in grassroots sport, particularly for women and girls, to promote diversity and inclusion within sports communities, and to improve youth health and leadership outcomes.

The Oration announcement follows the recent release of Sport 2030, the Australian Government’s strategic National Sports Plan, which highlighted the need raise philanthropic revenue to help grow participation and activity levels in our communities.

Chair of the Organising Committee, Campbell Rose, AM, said the Oration is a signature leadership initiative that can have a profound impact on the physical and mental health of communities while providing a platform for change.

“The time is now to make a positive change to sport and its impact on all communities,” said Mr Rose.

“More opportunities for active sports participation, regardless of age, gender, location or ethnicity must be created across our nation. With the alarming rise in obesity and its associated health problems, it is essential that more Australians become more active, more often,” he said.

“Sadly, we have also seen the weakening of values in sport where the desperation of winning has led to some athletes disregarding the rules. Positive leadership and active role models will help re-establish these qualities.”

Sports Foundation Chief Executive, Patrick Walker, said the Oration dinner was another important step towards Australians leading a more active and healthier lifestyle.

“Sport is at the heart of every Aussie community and the benefits of active, healthy lifestyles are far broader than just participation on the field of play,” said Mr Walker. “Every Australian should be able to enjoy the benefits of sport, regardless of circumstances, and the Oration will help us deliver a greater impact in communities all over Australia.

“Through the common language of sport, the nation can be inspired and drive genuine long-lasting change at all levels and promote a new generation of active, healthy and inclusive sports participants. We are grateful to have Ms Gillard deliver the inaugural Oration and provide the springboard for change before an audience of Australia’s business leaders and key decision makers.”

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