Where will the PMSO funds go?


Sports clubs around Australia need help, and money raised through the Prime Ministers’ Sporting Oraton (PMSO) will be used by the Australian Sports Foundation to help Aussies in need through the Sport4Everyone grant program.

The Australian Sportts Foundation is passionate about sport. We believe it has the power to improve lives, and is at the heart of every healthy community. Despite its importance, all too often grassroots and community sport struggles to secure the funding it needs to operate successfully, be equitable and inclusive.

The PMSO aims to support grassroots sport and future leaders by influencing policy and working closely with philanthropic and corporate Australia. The initiative will raise funds that will be distributed by the Australian Sports Foundation in early 2019 through our Sport4Everyone grant program. This funding will be directed to projects which address our four key priority areas:

  • Women & girls in sport

  • Physical activity

  • Diversity & inclusion

  • Leadership & decision-making

The Sport4Everyone grant round will support sports clubs directly by funding activities and programs that will positively impact one or more of the above cause areas.

It could be a program that gets more girls involved in local sport, a weekly competition for elderly Australians to increase their levels of physical activity, or an initiative that through lowering registration fees allows more children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to get active through sport.

In March 2019, not-for-profit sports clubs and organisations will be invited to apply for a grant of between $2,000-10,000K to further these aims. Once the round is open, interested clubs will have four weeks to submit their application, after which a team of Australian Sports Foundation experts will assess the applications against published criteria.