Kate Phillips

Kate set a goal of $5000 to support her trip to the World Transplant Games held in Spain. Kate had to have a life saving Heart and Double Lung Transplant in 2013, following this she was finally able to get back in to sport after having years on the sideline.

Fundraising Need

The fundraising supported flights, uniforms, and travel insurance to the games in Spain, the original goal was of $3000 but Kate increased this to $5000 as the costs of the trip grew.


Kate relied on word-of-mouth between family, friends, and colleagues to fund her project. As the event date came closer she posted more updates and images on her Facebook and Instagram with reminders about donating.


While at first it felt awkward to ask for donations and push her own project too much, Kate realised that people actually do want to see her reach her goals. Sharing updates of training and progress was an effective way to let donors feel involved and get an understanding of what their donations were supporting. One of the most important parts of the fundraising was thanking the donors all individually.

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