Moe and District Netball Association

Moe, Regional Victoria

Too often, the deciding factor on whether a child can play a team sport is the cost; registration fees, uniforms, equipment, shoes and even traveling to and from training and games and events all add up. Unfortunately, the reality for children living in Moe from the Aboriginal and Sudanese communities, sport is a luxury that many families struggle to afford. 

The Moe and District Netball Association (MDNA) is passionate about providing opportunities for Aboriginal and Sudanese girls and boys to play a social sport whilst making friends, getting healthy and learning important skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Funds from the Australian Sports Foundation’s Giving4Grassroots program were used to provide kids from these communities with uniforms, balls and equipment to enable them to participate at the best of their ability despite the financial gap. The grant also enabled MDNA to run a coaching course for their parents, to encourage more family engagement in their children’s sport and to equip parents with the resources to be role models of healthy and active lifestyles.

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